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Hello! I'm a free and open source software enthusiast, general computer nerd, and music lover. I believe in the privacy and control of data that comes from community supported services, self-hosting, and a less corporate internet.

Work-wise I'm a developer / computer scientist with a background spanning containers, high-performance computing, web & scientific development and machine learning.

I'm originally from Cornwall in the UK, but moved to the USA and now live in North Texas.

Where's All My Stuff?

There's not much here on the web… my stuff has moved to gemini://dctrud.randomroad.net

There you'll find my personal site, with any articles or blog/gemlog posts, served over the Gemini protocol - a new internet protocol somewhere between gopher and http, which is great for minimalist content, ever so slightly more formatted than plain text.

If you want to take a quick peek, you can use use a gemini to web proxy service here.

Why Gemini?

I've been hanging around a bit in the text-based world of pubnix and tilde systems for a little while now. Those, and other simple things like Gemini, are a nice respite from the complex world of containers, cloud, and the modern web that I work in. I get to be a computer nerd, but play with things that are very different than what I'm doing day-to-day, and it's a nice change. Most of the people involved are also very pro FOSS, privacy, and community / self-hosting - which fits me too.

Contact Me / Links

Other than my Gemini site you can find or reach me and my stuff:

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