dctrud @ randomroad.net


Hello there!

I'm dctrud, a smiley Cornish turnip (that's a swede or rutabaga to most), and currently an inhabitant of North Texas. This place mostly serves as a location to drop files I might want to quickly share with others.

You'll find me and my online things elsewhere...

My Geminispace, where I write stuff. What's gemini / this link doesn't work for me?

My Mastodon account, where I post unimportant things to the fediverse.

My Pixelfed account, where I share some photos.

My MixCloud account, where I sometimes share very amateur dance music vinyl mixes.

Self-hosted personal Git repositories. I'm dctrud on other Git hosting places to contribute to other projects too.

I also hang out out tilde.club, tilde.chat IRC, and tilderadio.org.... as dctrud! And you might see me in SDF IRC & COM as... wait for it... dctrud.